Monday, April 4, 2011

And so the training in earnest begins....

Well it's April, which means I now have less than 5 months to get Ironman ready. While I have been trying to keep my training levels consistent doing each sport 2 times a week, work and regular life have been kicking my butt hardcore. I'm notcing that I've been taking at least two rest days a week, which isn't a bad thing but is hard to comprehend for a type-a athlete type like myself. So this month I'm trying to cut my off days down to one or when I feel totally run down. On the plus side it's springtime which means I'm home in daylight, the snow has melted and I can begin my outdoor runs and rides again. No more treadmill halves for me. I've been trying to train on the Rev3 Half Iron course out in Middlebury to get my legs in shape for a possible attack at it in June and my onslaught of Ironman Louisville in August. It's been so warm the past few days that I've actually been able to run in *gasp* shortsleeves. Today there's some rain forecasted but a wet 13 miler isn't anyhing to worry about. Another sign of spring is I'm notcing my equipment is starting to reach it's max life. My jammer is getting see through, and my running shoes are approaching the 500 mile mark, likewise I need new racing flats, quick laces, fuel belt bottles ( as my current ones have little traces of mold in the creases. yet somehow I still continue to drink out of them, yes it's gross I know but when you hit mile 10 of a long run and you still have 5 miles to go you will drink anything.) I've also needed bike shorts for the past two years, but I just keep putting off some of the purchases until I have more money, or my naked butt cheeks are hanging out, or the writing wears off the soles of my shoes...etc but the time to bust out the wallet is coming and soon. And on the running shoes I'm stuck in a debate: Do I stick with Saucony or head back to New Balance? I mean for years I was a New Balance fan boy but last year I tried on a pretty sick pair of Pro Ride2's and except for some rubbing in a couple of long tread mill sessions ( in one case I ended up with a bleeding toe and turned my left shoe a lovely shade of pink because I didn't cut my nails.) have been pretty decent. I haven't had a lot of sorenesss except for the usual I just ran 10 miles at 8min/mile pace tightness and I just found a light weight trainer that would make a perfect racing flat. the problem is right next to it is an equally sexy New Balance lightweight trainer the would make an equally perfect racing flat. Granted the New Balance shoe is about $20 more. Unfortunately neither one is my signature Orange racing flat ( Saucony or New Balance please Sponsor me and make a limited edition Orange Racing Flat.) So it looks like I'll be a little harder to pick out in crowd of runners this season. So my week ahead looks like this Today a 13 mile run and a possible lifting or swim session Tomorrow: A sufferfest spin class and swim Wednesday a short run before I go into the office as I'm driving my mom out to Rhode Island Thursday a swim and trainer ride Friday: I'm supposed to see the girlfriend but I might be heading up on Saturday: so either a run or a swim Saturday: I really want to get 3 runs in this week so regardless or where I am I'm getting between 8 and 10 miles on the pavement. Next week I'm hoping public works will get out and clear the sand from this years epic winter off the roads so I can begin my loops of death out to Lake Waramaug and back. I'm hoping to do a 200k in July so stay tuned for details. Happy training every one. R.D.

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