Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frozen again it Litchfield County.

Today had on tap a 50 miler from Woodbury to Warren and back with a couple of loops of Lake Waramaug thrown in for good measure, Well I got it done despite temperatures hovering at or slightly below 30 degrees. I made it out too the lake with very little difficulty riding at about a 15mph pace. I rode from Mitchell Middle School in Woodbury up Route 47 ( past the ski area, which was covered in snow and and skiers), up Kettle Hollow Rode and a pain in the ass 8% grade up Route 109 in Morris before descending down to Route 47 into Washington Depot before hitting Route 202. I descended down Flirtation Dr. and past a guy getting his mail who stated "put in some miles for both of us." From Flirtation Dr. I got on to Route 45 and did two loops of the lake. Now it was strating to get cold. The head win on the front Half of the lake cut through my jerseys straight down to the base layer. I descended down through New Preston shrivering against the cold New England Weather. On Route 47 I stopped at Bailey's diner to warm up. It was 38 miles in. I grapped a cup of Coffee and bowl of soup to thaw myself out and after some BSing with the staff I was back on the road to get in the last 12 miles. I turned on the Route 109 and began the descent back to Woodbury. I got back on to kettle hollow rd. and flew down to route 47 at an average of 20 mph. When I got toward the ski area the road was blocked by traffic and fire engines...apparnetly someone was a little better at sking than they were at driving. As I tried to get going one of the fire crew shout out " get a move on you're holding up traffic." Now Seriously, riding is not like driving. It's not just like I can take my foot off the brake, put down my cup of coffee and floor it. I have to release the brake, clip in and manuveur around any debris that could slash my tires....well that rant aside. I descened back to the road that had shot me out on to 47 I descended down to the school and added a brief excursion around the cemetery and on to Route 6 before returning to the car. 50.27 miles in 3:39 average speed 14.7 mph. Not a barnburner but for a day when the temperature barely cracked 32 I'll take it. Tomorrow I've got a 20 mile run on tap with Angry...the temperature should hit a tropical 45 degrees.
The Amazing Human Ice Cube.

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rocketpants said...

brrrr...but NZ will be worth it. Keep at it.