Friday, November 23, 2007

Ironman Training Status Report:

Well despite bitter cold temperatures, days that seem way to short, and professors that want my ass chained to a desk, my training for IM New Zealand is progressing. Wednesday I did 3.7 miles on the treadmill ( stupid fog) and a 3500 yard pool workout. Yesterday, lack of sleep and fundage prompted me to sit out of the Commodore Hull 5k although it might be on the short list for 2008. After sharing some of the bird and the fixings with the fam I went out on a 7.75-8 mile loop of my half of Wolcott. The weather was excellent, the low sixties with tad bit of overcast weather moving in. I was able to get by with shorts and short sleeves and at one point was almost kicking my self for leaving the fuel belt at home. All in all I got the run in 1:02. After puncturing a dime sized hole in my foot helping with clean up. I gobbed the mess with bastracin and bandaged it up to gut out an hour training ride to the tune of the 2006 Ironman Hawaii highlight show and the 1970's cycling/ coming of age epic Breaking Away. Seriously If I start shaving my legs or doing my training rides to Italian Arias blame it on this movie. This morning I slept in avoiding the carnage that is BLACK FRIDAY (shiver...) and went to work. After a stress filled first 4 hours I had lunch and returned to the office where it was pretty dead until close. I then came home changed into my workout gear and threw on my little reflective vest thingamabob. Now Yesterday it was in the sixties and fairly pleasant. Today the bottom had dropped out on the temperature. At the time I left my house it was a balmy 28 F. So doing this 8 mile beast I was decked out in the full Rocky get up. Windpants, gloves , Beanie, two pairs of socks, sweat shirt, base get the drift. I managed to eek out the same route as Yesterday in 1:07 five minutes slower but it was freaking cold. Also running past the town cemetery at night is an eerie propositon ( granted I do have two relatives buried there. Rest in Pieces Uncle Jer and Aunt Martha.) For the most part the darkness wasn't an issue. I ran past the lakes where the moon reflected off the water giving a sort of blue light effect...It was almost...dare I say quite peaceful. I got home changed into my swim shit and went to the Y where I slacked off. I only got in 3000 yards but it was a semi-speed workout. I did the main set at a fairly hard pace. So all in all things are progressing. Tomorrow I head out to Woodbury for what should hopefully be at least a 50 mile ride...hopefully more...( I'm buying foot warmers for this shit so it better be.) Sunday I'm hoping to get in a short ride and a 20 mile run, before starting back to ye olde grind on Monday. Well that's all I can bring myself to tonight. Peace.
The Terror of the Tundra


rocketpants said...

Awesome training. Having just moved from NE, I know how hard it is in bitterly cold weather in NE to keep at it. Awesome work.

Jodi said...

Sounds like your training is going great! I'm always slower in the cold. I don't think it's a temperature thing per se. I think it is the fact that I am bundled up like the Stay Puffed marshmallow.

You'll be shaving your legs in no time...



Angry Runner said...

My legs look GREAT when shaved. Nothing like the clear outline of the insertion of your VMO to drive (a, the) (woman, women) crazy.

I'll call tonight for tomorrow to get this damn run overwith.