Thursday, December 13, 2007

About that no training comment....

In one of my eariler post I had sort vowed I would chain myself to my computer desk and be a good little fat stressed out college student. Well that lasted the total of one day...i'm addicted to training I need to train...if I don't do at least on of the swim/bike/run combo...I'd go nuts. Here's the run down of what I've done the last couple days.

Wed: Swam 3000 yards in no sets, no intervals, just staring at that black line at the bottom of the pool for 120 laps. I did have to tread water briefly at the 2500 mark in order to adjust my goggles (which were giving me a hell of a headache.) I got the workout in 42:02....well under 1:30/per 100 yd pace. So as long as I can set my goggles up right in NZ the swim will be my bitch.

Thurs. Got released form the bank early...1PM got home and slept off some of the groginess from the 6 pages of the anthropology paper and 2 pages of history paper I typed last night. I tossed in the Spinervals DVD and did 2 hours of cardio goodness. I then tossed on a fresh base layer, windpants, and my lovely trek jacket and took off into the snow for a rather hairy half-hour jog. Now I will saw felt kind of badass to have the road to myself...well minus the plows and soon to be organ donors on snowmobiles. The roads weren't too bad but they did require some caution as the soles on my running shoes are worn almost completely smooth. So yes..Mom..I mean Santa to make my Christmas all I need is a pair of New Balance 720's size 11 D...and maybe a first class round trip ticket from LAX to Auckland on Air New Zealand.
Now I'm not sure how Jodi's doing on her infamous 100 runs in 110 days...but I just put up a 3miler for us hard ass New yeah now Peter Reid used to feel granted all this ice and snow won't really prep me for the 60's and 70's I'll be experiencing the trainer rides in the midst of Dante's my bed room will. I also have come to the realization that I am a heavy sweater and as a result Powerbar will be getting their sponsorship dollar's worth because of me. On my "easy" aerobic workout I still managed to go through 3 and a half water kill pile at the end of the Ironman bike will probably make most wonder why the hell I'm not in the bathroom every 5 minutes....also all those little dixie cups I go through on the run will probably destroy another 10 acres of rain forest.

Well that's my rant...more paper writng on tap...I can see the light at the end of the tunnels...and I hope it's paradise not the A train.

The Triathlete of the Tundra


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