Monday, December 31, 2007

Alud lang Syme....or however you spell it.

Well happy New Year everybody from the crazy kid training for an Ironman in the midst of a New England winter. I could end this year with a post that's classy, inspirational, and heartwarming but if you're not a regular reader you know that's not my style...ok maybe it is my style make that New Years' resolution #1 develop unique writing style. well since this is my last blog in the 2 to the 007 I guess I have to end with a couple of top ten lists

Top 10 things that made me cry or close to crying in 2007

10. the scene in Rocky 3 when mickey died.

9. Finishing my first marathon ( I didn't cry but I was damn close.)

8. The continuing rising death toll in the Iraq war.

7. The Cleveland Indians losing the ALCS to the Boston Red Sox

6. The New york Yankees losing the divisional series to the Indians ( in anger)

5. The Red Sox Winning the World Series. ( In anger)

4. The Hoyts on Real Sports with Byrant Gumble

3. Finishing my First Half Iron.

2. Macca Winning Kona.

1. First watching the Blazeman video on You Tube.

Top 10 greatest moments in 2007

10. Finding out how to work this whole blogspot thing from Angry Runner.

9. Finishing on the podium at Waramaug

8. Getting in a 40 mile ride with Claire in freezing temps.

7. Getting in the infamous "mother of All Bricks" With Angry.

6. Signing up for IM New Zealand

5. Winning my age group at the Litchfield Hills Tri

4. Finishing on the podium for my First Half Iron (tie) Joining HEAT

3. Getting the day off from work, finishing in the top 10 overall, and Meeting Claire at the Nutmeg State Sprint.

2. Finishing the Marathon in Nashville

1. Winning my Age group at the Nutmeg State Half Iron.

Top 10 Worst Racing moments of 2007

10. When the clouds opened up with 1 mile left in the griskus sprint

9. Getting passed by Georgetown Mike at the Nutmeg State Sprint and dropping to second in my age groupr.

8. The bike leg of the Nutmeg State Half...nuff said.

7. Nearly taking out the guy behind my as I went through an aid station at the Patriot Half.

6. Finding out the hard way that there were only two portolets on the Patriot Half Run and they were 2 miles apart.

5. Getting passed for third place in my age group within the last half mile of the Pat Griskus Sprint tri.

4. The swim at Niantic know its bad when my bike split is better than my swim split.

3.Mile 15 of the Country Music Marathon when I had to wait for 5 minutes to get into a portolet.

2. The run leg of the Park City Mossman and the aftermath...GI distress is never pretty.

1. Mile 23 of the Country Music added a whole new definition to the word pain.

Those were just a tiny fragment of the memories from 2007...2008 looks to have just as many if not more moments like these. Happy New Year!

Riding into the future



rocketpants said...

Happy New Year!

Sunshine said...

Appreciated reading you top ten lists.
Are we ever with you on that #8.. the rising death toll. The body bags keep coming back and hardly anybody knows. Sigh.

Best wishes for a lot of top ten good races.