Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to the Grind......

Well starting next Tuesday, I'm officially Chained to my computer desk once again...that's right this aspiring triathlete/corporate minion is going back to school. also I should start life guarding again although I'm considering leaving that gig. For me the extra money is great, but I don't know if its worth the lost training time, the aggravation of driving home at midnight, the minuscule pay, and the fact that these guys want me to put my "real job " on hold to attend their training sessions, sadly I don't have the lifestyle of the average college student so I might leave to open the position for someone who has the time and needs the money a little more than I do. (prehaps I can write that off as a charitable contribution.) ..ok work rant over....

Last night Stef, kicked my ass with the swim workout of doom. The warm up was easy but the main set was ..well....the main set. Here's the torture:
1 hard on 2:50
2 Easy on 3:00
3 Sprint on 2:45

2X400 on 6:00
1 Easy
2 Sprint

1x600 Build on 9:00

4x100 1&4easy on 1:30 2&3 Hard on 1:25

200 Hard to Easy on 2:45

100 Sprint

As stated earlier if I'm not in the top 100 on the swim I am going to be really freaking ticked off. ( unless of course 99 guys and gals (hopefully more gals) from the Austrialian , US and NZ National Swim teams show up.)

This week they are forecasting temps in the "hunt Mastadon" Range but then again these guys hardly ever predict anything right. But this week will be devoted to run focus, Tomorrow I get out early so I will try to get a nice 15 miler in , followed by an 8 miler on Friday, and hopefully a long brick on Saturday if there is no snow, either that or I will brave the brick on Sunday if the temperatures are warmer than the apocolyptic seceond ice age predictions that are floating around ( 10 degrees as a high with a low of -5) afterall watching the Giants pull the "miracle on frozen turf" will be much sweeter after a hard day in the saddle. Also another added factor will be trying to avoid the "plauge" or "cholera like bug"which is running through my house, I've been trying to stay well rested, taking naps coming home from the office, eating my fruits, boiling my water, in general trying to keep my immunity up.

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rocketpants said...

Carry purell around with you and wash your hands constantly will help keep the plague away. The last thing you need right now is to be sick!