Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To Team GU or Not Gu That is the $200 question.

Well back in November I acted on impulse ( as I often do and damn it it pisses me off.) and Applied for Team Zoot/GU a joint venture by the Zoot triathlon clothing Company and Gu nutrition. Now as I sent the application, I pretty much thought I had a snowball's chance in Hell of being accepted for sort of sponsorship....after all my last name is not Allen, Scott, Mc Cormack, or even Stadler, but hey some free swag might be nice.....well needless to say the triathlon Gods have smiled upon me and the financial Gods are playing a sick and twisted joke. ... I was accepted for Team Zoot Gu and in order to secure my spot I have to send them an acceptance letter, and $200 for the team top and shorts ,a dozen Water bottles,Headsweat and pretty much enough Gu and Gu2O to feed a small tri club, by Monday. Why the financial gods are smacking me? I barely have enough for gas money this week , and I don't get paid until Thursday. Which leaves me with this week's poll.

Do I join Team Zoot/Gu or not?

Yes, Do it because a chance like this comes once in a lifetime.

No, there will always be other sponsorship opportunities.

poll closes on Friday at noon.


rocketpants said... PAY them to let YOU advertise for them. Clever. I don't know what you should do to be honest. I have no idea if it would be beneficial in the long run. But that does kinda suck that they want you to pay to advertise for them.

rocketpants said...

In light of your current drama over sponsership...check this out:
and his latest post on team "evotri"
Might as well give it a shot right??

I tried to post the full link, but it got all screwed up.

Hyp0xic Mapper said...

Its $199 for $512 worth of stuff. Not to mention the "VIP" pricing on all Zoot and GU products. Take what you can get and run.


triblog carol said...

Funny, I searched for "Team Gu", because that's the only product that I would really be able to "sell" because I love it so much. But, not if they make you pay $200 freakin bucks. What a ripoff.

Most of the Team sponsorship things do not make you pay. They give you a some free stuff and expect you to sit at a booth at races promoting their product.