Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crusin' the blogosphere

Well as everyone knows expenses are coming to a head as I am 4 weeks out from flying to "the Land Down Under" ( wait Australia is the land down under does that mean NZ is the next to the land down under?) Rather than sit here and blabber on for a post on how I'm camped out next to my mail box waiting for an envelope with the CCSU logo on it and a check for $1900 green backs camping out within it, I decided to take a cruse down the blog roll and checkout a couple of mutually recommended blogs to lighten my "recessed" spirits a lot of other crap has been hitting the fan and I really don't want to discuss it, so as stated I took a stroll through the blogosphere and got a little lift from the following:

Cranky Runner, describing how's he's trying to become the Cranky Swimmer...don't worry dude you'll be cruising out laps in no time.

Angry Runner vs. the Angry Bird: Gives a whole new meaning to the Waterbury Bird Gang...
also you can raise a band of little tyrants, I'm perfectly content to let my blood line die out with me.

Pants, its a small world afterall.

Ken, please update your blog dude!

Speed, I was going to leave a comment on the Starbucks washroom thing then I got a line of customers and timed out, but the run sounded eventful.

Jodi...goes Goth?

Well in lighter news Yesterday was a productive "blow off steam" day of workouts. I managed to get in a 15 mile run and 4000 yards in the pool ( granted Stef put in a lot of kicking so my legs were nice and stiff this morning.) but I felt fast holding 1:15 on two sets of 4x100 yards on 1:25, and 2:35 on 3x200 yards on 2:50. Today I'll most likely hit the pool again, or sit my arse on the trainer, follow it up with some nice streching and collaspe.
Well that's it for me today.

Will train for Cash

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Ken Schulz said...

Yea, my blog has flatlined in content for a while... Got a few fun posts in the works but not much time to work on it at the moment.