Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the second time in as many years I did not get my ashes.

Yes that's right I'm probably the most Hell bound Eucharistic Minister in the Archdiocese of Hartford. For the second consecutive year I forgot( ie...didn't have time to get to mass.) on Ash Wednesday. Now I didn't really do anything that bad..I ate today which if you go off the old school 1500's theology is bad because you're supposed to fast which means nothing but maybe a glass of water. or in the 1960's Vatican II theology means just don't snack and eat a big meal and like a yogurt or cereal for breakfast and lunch. I didn't do either, but I didn't have meat and I'm doing 140.6 miles for charity I'm sure that earns brownie points with the boss right? Ok the fact that I am a moderately "bad" Catholic aside. I have recieved a lot of donations to Team Blazeman and a couple of donations to the send Bob-o to Taupo fund or I guess as it can now be called, keep Bob-o from eating Ramen the week before the Ironman fund. Which is very full so there will be much reprocity.
I have now decided I am charged with 5 sacred tasks on my New Zealand Oddessey

1. Kidnap a Kiwi Bird for My Sister Crissy.
2. Find a hot young New Zealandette to become Angry's Baby Mama.
3. Qualify for Kona or die trying.
4. Find descent, afforable, yet meaningful souveniers for those I have promised them to.
5. Say hi to the 20 something year old Canadian Dude for Leana.

Tonigh Bjoern has decided to swim and I think I'll join him afterall it is too late for me to get to Waterbury and spend time with the diva of the lane lines Miss Stef.

I reflected alot on my drive up to campus about my friends and all of the people that have got me here...alot of you were very generous and supportive and I have vowed to myself that I must pay this forward. A few of your have sent me direct financial assistance, kind words, donated to my charity page. I have decided that when I graduate form college and have my financial situation in order ( ie. I'm working behind a real desk, and earning more than $20k a year.) That I will start a fund for disadvantaged athletes. I guess the main reason for this epiphany has been the help I have gotten but it has also been in the spirit I have seen in some of the runners from Wilby High School. On New Year's day as I cranked out a 15 miler, a kid from Wilby's track team running in a borrowed pair of holey sneakers was trying to get in his 7 mile distance run. We started talking and did about 5 miles together, and the kid had heart, the whole track team had heart, the sad thing is they did not have the money for descent training gear. The city of Waterbury paid for Jerseys and spikes but they were on their own for trainers and this kid was reduced to borrowing from the track coach. Now I will tell you from experince that it takes a lot of balls to run in borrowed shoes and even more to run in holey shoes on a cold wet winter morning. So this is my vow, when I get secure, or if I croak in some crazy, bike vs. Kiwi vs. wild dingo accident in which this will be charged to the executor of my estate. I want money going into these inner city track and swimming programs. That will be the focus of my life after college, after Webster, and God willing when I'm 85 and I've grown tired of being the oldest Hawaii finisher every year, after competition.
Like I said if I don't start doing anything toward this when I'm well establiashed in about 5 years time , someone please mail me a hard copy of this post.

Sport has been very good to me.


Angry Runner said...

Awwwwwwww you're gonna find me a wife??? Yay!

Make sure she's smart, nice, sassy, pretty, athletic, and has strong legs and child bearing hips. I don't ask for much.

Do good in skool.

rocketpants said...

Good luck in all the final preparations for NZ. And remember...have a little fun while you are there. How long are you in the country?

(PS...there are no dingo's in NZ...actually, there isn't any native animal to NZ that can kill you. You have to go to Oz for that kind of stuff...they sure have a lot of it over there)