Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ironman New Zealand Update / Desperate Appeal !!

Part I. Ironman update

Last night the Guys at Ironman New Zealand posted the age groups and bib numbers here's mine:

United States

Yes, I know putting my real name puts me at risk that some Hannibal Lector wantabe, will nibble on my well developed achilles with Fava beans and a nice chanti....but anyone who looks up my bib number is going to see it anyway. So yes I am now offcially a number. Speaking of numbers I am one of 44 competitors in my age group and only 1 of 3 Americans competing in the "little tykes" (18-24 age group...I know I'm a youngin'.) age group. So I might have a shot at highest placing American. One kid from the Czech Republic is showing up for this so I'm assuming he is hot fire ( bib # 121) Surprisingly there are only 4 Aussies, 1 Canadian, and a boatload of Japanese in my age group along with an army of Kiwis ( which I would expect this being their home Ironman.) For the most part barring the Country Music Marathon this is the most internationally diverse race I've ever done.

I've got that nerveous /excited/ scared shitless feeling going on. I haven't done a ride over 75 miles so I really don't want to bonk because I might have a good shot at Kona. So at this moment the bike is my only source of apprehension. I've pretty much been on run taper for the last 2 weeks so this week I plan on another long ride run brick if the weather is good this weekend.

Last night sporadic burst of sleet made me op out of going to Masters so tonight I've got my own 4000 yard workout of bliss planned. tomorrow I've got an early morning pool session and a night run with Germany's greatest export ( besides beer, chocolate, cars.....) Bjoern... I figure a nice 7-8 miler tomorrow, an 8-10 miler Thursday. And then one last 15-20 miler on Sunday after at least 4 hours on the bike....mileage be damned! Then I begin Taper and how to eat an energy bar with out being disloyal to GU...guys please make an energy bar....I beg you!

II. Desperate Appeal

Since I'm talking about the Ironman I will make another desperate appeal for donations to the War on ALS ( Lou Gehrig's disease.) Anyone who knows about Lou Gehrig's disease knows that it is a cruel quick killer. Over the course of two to five years a person can go from being perfectly healthy and active to being confined to a wheel chair and requiring a ventilator to breathe. We know the symptoms and progession of ALS but we have yet to fully understand the disease, and therfore treat it. ALS Warrior Poet ( Jon Blais's site) and some of the research have the most current developments posted.Groups such as the Blazeman Foundation, Auggies Quest, and Kurt's Pitch help to raise funds for research groups such as the MDA, ALSTDI, and ALSA, and neurological departments across the country. Through your generosity I currently have raised $503.. I would like to reach a goal of $525 ...$25 over the minium requirement for the Ironman fundraising level. Anyone who donates /has donated $25 or more can expect a momento from New Zealand. ( Warrior Woman I think I have your address via the donation confirmation e-mail. Cranky, Claire I'll see you at the Patriot, Angry my brother, I'll definately see you before then.) Anyone who donates as little as $1 will have their name decaled on my bike, as well as written on my arm during the race March 1. you can make donations here. Like I said it can be as little as $1 and your donation is always appreciated.

So in a quick recap:

Bob-o's bib number # 114

3 Americans and a lot of Kiwi's in the 18-24 division

Please donate to the War on ALS.

Athlete # 114



Runner Leana said...

Bob, I can't believe the IM is so close for you. It sounds like it should be an exciting race, although you'll be in New Zealand, that makes it exciting in and of itself! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this gets you to Kona.

Runner Leana said...

Oh, and say hi to that one Canadian guy for me!