Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ironman New Zealand 09

That's right today entries open for the 25th running of Ironman, hopefully there will still be openings when my pay and stimulus checks hit the bank other wise I'll be looking to Lake Placid or Louisville...either that or I'm going to Brussleton for Western OZ, (as a graduation gift to myself) to be my possible Spring Boards to Kona. There are several reasons I'd really like to go back to New Zealand here are the following:

1. It is an escape from the dreary icebox that is New England in Feb.-March

2. The course is challenging but not too difficult. No Murder Hills, the road's a little rough but if you've done some of the races in the Northeast the bike course is cake...except for the wind. Granted.." it ain't windy until there are surfers on the lake" -Blair.

3. Lake Taupo is Cyrstal Clear. Also they start age groupers and pros together...good news for guys like me because we get a mental boost beating some of the favorites out of the water....bad news for pros whose strength lies in the bike and run.

4. The entire town gets into it. You don't run into those guys who are like " So why are you walking around in running gear and wrapped in a foil blanket?"

5. Some of the nicest and..well most interesting people you'll ever meet live down there.

6. It's one of those races that now that I've done an Ironman for the sake of doing one now I've got to go back and do one with the intent to qualify for Kona...and why not do one on a course I already know.

7. I like traveling through time and space, any one who has visited the Asian Pacific...understands this one.

8. I have to know if the water really flows in a different when I flush the toliet.

9. The Kiwis and Aussies seemed to be a little more laid back and down to earth than us over here in the States...just don't steal any glasses off of tables at the Pub or World War III will breakout.....also if you are a fan of the French National Rugby might want to stay at home, or at least keep the jersey home.

10. It's the 25th Anniversary....think of the media hype and the swag that's going to be flying around at this gig.

All right now that I've tried to sell myself and some others in on the race, I've got to check on the entry satus and see if I should start counting my pennies, or buy books on how to become a faster climber or a year's worth of Salt tablets...It gets hily in Lake Placid and it is just a tad bit warm in Louisville in August.

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Ken Schulz said...

Placid turns 10 this year.