Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mad Fast Son.......

Last night, when I should have been diligently stressing out and writing my papers, pulling my hair out and smashing my head against the desk, for misplacing commas in Chicago citing, trying to find one more primary source, etc..etc...I took my burned out ass to the track and got in 5 miles 4 of them speed work/ aerobic threshold work. Seriously, sometimes it's peaceful just heading out to the track at a god forsaken hour (9PM...). The first mile was a warmup a surprisingly quick 8:16. Followed by streching. Then the repeats 4x1600m :60R between each descending. The first one wasn't too bad an always said use the first one as a burn one..I learned that the hard way in High school...too many times I would attack the first repeat and would be shot by the end of the work out....especially with thresholds in which you are trying to gradually build up to race pace. The game plan was to try to descend 5-10 sec. off of each one So the second was a little harder. 7:36.75 what the Hell? Did I go too hard again. I push a little harder to hopefully make it a 7:30 on the third repeat...7:20.34.The Fourth I was going to Sprint Full bore I should break 7 if I'm lucky..... 6:47.03. It was a good night, note to self do squats at least once a week.

Speed Racer's site is back up...apparently someone reported it as Spam....but it's back up and going now....

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I've been blogging from work and occasionally at school to procrastinate.... I mean clear my I will have some more colorful posts in a week or so.

Well that's all at this early hour....back to the grind.

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rocketpants said...

Nice work!! Fast out there.