Thursday, May 8, 2008

Paper writing weekend.....Planning for 09 already.

Well this is it game time,D-Day, Armageddon, the end of my junior year of college...hopefully only 2 more semester away from that piece of valuable paper. I was intially planning to swim or run, but have decided that I would devote my time to blogging before lifeguarding for an hour, then cranking out some Latin American Cultures goodness... ( the interesting paper also because we have to peer review one of my classmates and I will be throughly researching each other's works. ..pretty much this looks good, this sounds awkward, what's the point, so that's why they call it the necktie...the BS do you think this paper will impress the good doctor. ) The Victorian England paper...well I'll be doing that tomorrow night, Saturday night and a good chunk of Sunday. I know what I want to say, I've got most of my sources, I just have to get it done Write first footnote later....If it sucks it sucks if it's good it's good, that's been my mantra all along and I'm not going to let..the pressure of this paper defines your academic career wreck my groove.

Saturday: I think Speedy Claire wanted to ride, I'm down for anything in the afternoon as my coporate masters have impressed my for another Saturday of servitude.

Sunday: It's Mothers day, and I haven't gotten anything ....shit.... well I find something nice somewhere.

Next week my Economic Stimulus check should be arriving in the mail...which means a couple of credit card payments go out and an entry fee to one race in the Southern Pacific will be going out.

I've already started the number crunching:
Race Entry: $500
Airfare on American Airlines/Quantas $2050.00 ( United/Air New Zealand is $200 more.)
Same Hotel as Last Year for two weeks $2100.00

I'm looking at about $5k..less if I rack up some more frequent flier miles (although I might just use those to up grade to business) if I do the two week thing, maybe I'll just stay for 10 days and save a little on the hotel, but I would like to actually be able to see a little bit more of New Zealand, Post Ironman this time around...also going home actually being able to move my legs without pain. and packing without a hangover from the awards party...always a plus. Also anyone interested in coming down with me we get a discounted rate if it's a double...did I mention cute Kiwi and Aussie chicks with well defined posterior chain..... Ladies ,Guys with ripped chests and cute accents.....and it's about 60 -70 degrees in early March......
Yes sadly this is the kind of thing that helps me get through those long hours at the office, realizing what I'm working for.....One day I will be in a profession where I earn more than $2ok a year and it will be glorious.... and I will be able to do this kind of thing with out having to crunch numbers and strategically plan and it will be glorious.

So that's all that's going on in the dangerous mind of Bob-o also be sure to read my last post. My speed session has my legs feeling tight but the times were worth it.

Well that's all for it's time to write about the Political interference of Liberation theologians with the Juntas in Guatemala and El Salvador....I mean Communists posing as Priests trying to destroy democracy.



Speed Racer said...

Ooooooh! Latin America! You're finally writing a paper on something interesting! You may be miserable now, but reading about all your papers makes me miss college.

I'm down for the ride on Sat, you just give me the details. But if you try to convince me to sign up for IMLP or IMNZ I'm going to let all the air out of your tires.

Angry Runner said...

You do realize that your NZ trip as projected is a full 25% of your expected annual income, right?
I am very concerned for your financial health...I hope you know what you're doing.

Bob Almighty said...

Technically it's my income tax and about 10% of my income, but as of right now all race spending is in hold pattern. I'll plan as the summer goes because that's usually when all the shit hits the fan. Granted that usually throws anything I've planned out the window.If all goes well I'll end my season in September ...November if I make Clearwater...but as of right now my last race for the foreseeable is July 13. NZ or any Ironman in 09 is in the air, because even an American Ironman would be an equally painful blow to the budget.Although if I could arrange a homestay that would lessen the bill by about a $1k.