Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Official Angry Vs. Claire Smack talk thread!

Well today as I was chillin' with my homeboys, Nashville Ryan, Angry, Adam and Richard "you owe me $20" J I got a text from Claire it read

"Did Angry Tell you I ran 4.5 miles 14 sec. per mile faster than him on Friday?" When I told the Angry one about this little text his blood got boiling. " I can easily go faster than that, I could decimate her mile pace easier than it would take here to beat mine ( insert Howard dean yell here.) Needless to say after our adieus to Ryan ( who is probably going through airport security in Charlotte ( some dude named Cletus with a shotgun and a blood hound.)) Angry went back to the Dirty water to do some sprint hill repeats. I went up to Lake Waramaug ( since Ryan's parents live at the exact half way point) and got in a nice somewhat hard 40 mile ride.

But anyway back to the Angry vs. Claire showdown in Orlando the races are nearly 7 months away but it is really difficult to pick a winner at this point. Angry is still in his develop fast twitch speed and brute strength high intensity stage, where Claire has been going the insane voulme route. If the races were run tomorrow and Tuesday this would be my safe assumption:

Angry to own the half . I mean like obliterate in like 1:35 or lower. Claire probably pulling a not too shabby 1:45-1:55 half. Unfortunately this assemennt might be inaccurate, Angry hasn't raced yet this season and with some pressing issues on his plate I have no real data other than his fast twitch goodness to base this off.

The marathon will most likely belong to Claire, I base this off of the ridiculous amount of distance she puts in on any given weekend. From what I've seen so far her body is used to running hard and running tired, while I think it will be a close marathon I think the galavanting Bostonian will have the edge. As stated earlier those these are perliminary predictions and analysis, more updates will follow as it goes along. Part of me is contemplating bringing my running shoes down to FLA to get in a quality training weekend and watch this epic battle, I wonder in that Southwest $99 one way deal will still be in effect.

All smack talk aside I'm looking at going to NZ again but I won't make an official annoucement until August or September, I have a homestay if I need it, I priced out airfare, I have Ken Glah in my email contacts, but as mentioned before everything depends on my fiscal situation in the coming months.

On the racing Weekend wrap up Bree Wee, finished her first Ironman as a pro in Nagsaki Japan. She finished second but sadly no Kona slot, but one good thing about being a pro , you can always get another crack at one of the late season Ironmans.

Iron Eric finished Coeur d' Arlene in 11:38.56 not bad for a pretty hilly course.

so that was the weekend in review along with the smack talk.

Happy Training


Speed Racer said...

Huzah! I will win and I will have Angry curled up in a fetal position sucking his thumb somewhere around the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Angry's got the speed to beat me at anything short. He knows that, I know that, a retarded toddler knows that. But Angry hasn't run more than 5 miles in 6 months. I don't care HOW fast you run the first 6-8 miles, it won't matter if you're walking the last 31.

In all seriousness, though, there will be no bad blood over this. Angry and I have very different training styles and goals. I respect his, and (sometimes) he respects mine. If I lose, I will gladly dress up in a princess dress for the day as homage to the Angry Training Plan. And if I win, well then it will be because distance is my home turf.

But I will win.

Angry Runner said...

win or lose, I am going to find that hot,young redhead employee chick we saw by Pirates in March. the prize ain't the finish time, it's the gals I pick up along the way