Friday, June 27, 2008

Settling down......

Well as mentioned before the monetary deal has been my big issue, but the biggest of which will be resolved in mid-July, so then I should have some breathing space. The Patriot is coming up next weekend, the two days I took off due to some GI distress, haven't really built my confidence but at the same time I needed the rest so I guess it equals out. This weekend I'm planning for a long ride and maybe a pool session on Sunday. Today a long run is on tap depending on the weather and a pool session. My friend Alex has borrowed Enrico( my road bike) for the Griskus and is interested in buying for the $450 I'm charging for it complete with all the bells and whistles. It's an Entry level bike, but it has profile T-2 aero bars, a granny gear, good for those wall climbs, a reliable sigma computer and Michelin tires, and it's a hell of a lot more agile than the 10 speed he would be using. If he buys that would be a great help if not then at least he got some good quality equipment for his first tri is a fitting reward. ( He's racing as a First timer so no divisional threat there.) Bjoern sadly I can't get the ninth off, but if you need a ride to New London after the race I'd be happy to oblige. ( If you see a guy pulling a Clark Kent style change in Transition that would be me going from Bank teller to blood thirsty competitor.) Getting to the Patriot next week might be a chore but I should make it. I'm debating whether or not I should drop back into the age group ranks for this one, granted there are only 10 guys registered as elites and I figure a swim wave of 10 fast guys is what I need to keep myself motivated and at the front, that and $300 for first and $200 for second might give me some added incentive to hammer on the bike and run. So Patriot has become my go until I puke and go again until I puke again race...hopefully the weather and my stomach will co-operate. The Griskus, I have to send the race director an email to see if I can be put in the top swim wave ( yes they put all of us age group swim studs in our own wave.), afterall there is nothing like the psyche up of being in the lead for a few minutes. Providence hits on a pay week and hopefully my stimulus will come early, but irregardless I should have enough for gas and a cheap motel ( deperate plea to John Hirsch where is the cheapest, least shady joint to stay in Providence.) Next year I plan on fewer travel races, ie I will either do Eagleman or Providence but not both. The rest of 2008 still in the air, I might manage to get in Niantic and Park City, most likely Nutmegman but that could be all. If I make Clearwater, I might turn down the slot, just alot going on academically and professionally in November. As for 2009, no plans yet, some dreams, but no plans. I would like to get my coaching cert and try to make a little extra income off the sport, but we'll see. So that's all for me today I've got to get my subway panhandling jinggle down.

Bring himself back.

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