Friday, June 13, 2008

The rest of June....too soon to think of 09'?

Well after paying some of my bills, calculating paydays, and looking at what's possible I'm officially scrapping the Lake Waramaug Sprint.( thankfully I didn't enter.) I might go up and Volunteer at the Ken Schultz Memorial Aid station, but We'll see. This weekend I have the Pat Griskus Olympic, I've been on Half Iron Recovery, so I'll have a mini taper going into it. Next week since I scrapped Waramaug, I'll be devoting myself to higher volume training to prep for my Triple Threat in July. August I'm hoping to do Park City, Niantic, and possibly Cranberry Country. But we'll see. I'm definitely doing Nutmeg Man and depending on if I make it to Clearwater or not I'm debating on either the Hartford Marathon or the Great Floridian Iron Distance Tri ( most likely Hartford ). Ironman New Zealand 09 might happen but I'm holding off until September. Catherine already offered me a homestay. American/Quantas can get me to Auckland for a hair over $2k. Frank charges $100 for a round trip for me and the Stomper from Auckland to Taupo. Also Ken gets a good deal so I might just book a ground package and airfare with him and stay with Cat and Jo Ann, but all this is mute point right now. The main thing is to get my debt back to a comfortable level, and try to graduate next May at all costs. I know I will do an Ironman in 09 it's just a matter of where. Lake Placid and Coeur D' Arlene are out because I won't have the entry money in time. Kentucky has crossed my mind, as has Wisconsin ( maybe Jodi and I will have that Ironwar afterall!), Arizona and Florida hit at a friendlier time for the checkbook. I have thought about Western Australia in Brussleton next December, a nice Christmas Gift to myself, and it doesn't sell out, but as stated everything depends on the fiscal and GPA factor. Regardless it's a tad too early to be worrying about 09 as I still have the best chunk of 08 left to go.

Planning away

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Big ass sitter said...

Great! finally the Jodi Bob Smack down we've been waiting for!