Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting set for Patriot. Bob-o Jodi Smack Talk Round 2.

Less than 48 hours left before the Patriot, it's almost sad when I think that my first blog post was approximately the same time last year, and sadly my writing style has seemed to become that of a whiny bitch in the 12 months since hoo life sucks get over it, granted I write those whiny bitch posts mainly because it is a sign of weakness to show my fear outwardly, I usually keep to myself, don't say shit if I have a mouthful of it, and you can tell I'm stressed when I suddenly start snapping really easily example.
co-worker: Bob would you like a cup of coffee?
Me: Did I ask for a cup of coffee?
Co-worker: No....
Me: Then there's your answer....

..irregardless enough of my being a whiny you know what....

The Patriot is coming up and Ken made some comment about Jodi beinng able to kick Angry's and my combined asses in a tri..first off Jodi would beat Angry because A.he's a runner he lifts and he runs she could beat his ass in the Ironman but she would be toast if she signed up for races in his domain, throwing angry in the ironman would be like throwing a kenyan marathoner in the Ironman, it's taking a runner out of its natural competitive enviroment. B. He's had it with all the slotwtich browsing cervelo fan boys and has entered a more friendly arena..after all you don't hear guys before a road race saying "you're not a real runner if you don't use Newtons/ Asics/ insert brand here.../ completed a marathon/ qualified for Boston/ held 4:44/mile pace in a heat wave in Arizona."

As for me I'm not conceding but it would be close in her only straight up half so far she had about the same bike split and a faster run split than I pulled at Eagleman. I have her on the swim but the rest is a toss up. Also the fact that several crisises and the fact my training has been shot to crap only adds to her advantages, add to that she has a coach compared to my poor self trained, entry level equipped ass and she might take the cake, but I have an edge in mental toughness, the shit I go through in a given week makes my races seem like field days, I have often wanted to say that I feel like the sport's cinderella man, my financials fell to shit I've been at the point I have wanted to give it all up, and the next race could be my last so I am a very, very dangerous person when that gun goes off, because I want to go out with a PR damn it!

Ok trash talk aside the Patriot is coming up on saturday there are only 7 open division men none of whom raced last year. I know that there are some age groupers in the field that could obliterate my ass, but I'm still racing open, why? there's cash for the open division, I would love to be in the running for an overall win but if I can beat 5 of the 6 other entries I can leave with a check, also with most of the top pros tapering for Providence next week this could be my only shot to make a go at the overall, it's a gamble but it could be worth it, that and only having 12 people in the first wave can give me a shot of pulling fastest swim split. Also I might not be racing again after this month so I want to try to get some good efforts in before devoting myself to more important and profitable endevours ( school, work, more work, overtime.)....don't worry I'll still train I don't want a tripple bi-pass at 40 so I've got to keep the weight off somehow....besides I've actually had a few good workouts in the last week and if I can get some of my crap together I might have a shot showing up to a couple more clam bakes this season. That and a friend of mine's training for an ironman and another for a goofy challenge or some crap like that, long run and ride buddy is at their service. But for right now I've got two halves and a sprint on the table and I've got to light them up, afterall it would suck if my last race this season wasn't a PR.


Ken Schulz said...

Good luck man! Leave nothing on the course and enjoy the day!

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Best of luck, and as always, have a little fun. Who cares how you do, you've already been to Taupo this year and done quite well, thank you.

Kick ass, Bob.

Speed Racer said...

I'm bored. For such a fast racer you sure drive slow.

Re: Smack talk
I think your strongest asset is that you get really, really, really pissed by anyone second-guessing your prowess. Any competitor of yours has to be invisible before the finish line if he wants to have a prayer of beating you.

Well, I'm HOPING you'll show up any minute, so I'll just say any other opinions on the matter to your face... if you ever GET here... where the hell are you?