Monday, September 29, 2008

My legs are not going to forgive me...

Well just because I might be racing in a marathon in the Central Connecticut Region along the I-91 corridor in about 2 weeks I decided that this weekend would be perfect to up the run mileage. Afterall the forecasts called for storms which meant no time logged on the bike for the third week in a row, so I might as well use the dreary conditions for what they are best for, logging ridiculous amounts of miles at an obsurd pace with my trusty New Balance 968's or are they 698's I forget but I know they're NB.

Saturday I got about 8.5 miles in I didn't log the time although it was just over 1:12. I had been suffering motivational breakdown, plus was regaining lost sleep from the semester. All in all it was a good run didn't feel thrashed, but I wasn't feeling my normal stomping shape either. I decided I was going to double up and follow with a 17 mile double loop the following day...just to build the lungs a tad bit.

Well my Sunday run began as my Saturday Run did after much procrastination. Then skies were blue it was hot and humid and I set up a make shift aid station, figuring I was going to refuel between loops. The first 6 miles went well but as I made my way up boundline road past the high school I noticed that the sky had suddenly turned and ominous gray, I figured I would extend the loop on to the back roads so that way I wouldn't be on main roads and potential road kill in the middle of a storm. Well long story short I ended up doing my extended loop in torrential down pour with no fluids. By the time I staggered home I was desperate for my Gatorade. I still managed to get about 13 miles in ( I'll double check via map my tri) in about 1:56. Not a world record but for running on empty not bad .

Tonight I have to make up some work, I might be able to get into the pool. Tuesday I might get a 10k loop of campus in or if I'm lucky an early morning 8 miler Wednesday, another pool session, and maybe a run and pool session on Thursday before locking myself in the library for the weekend, maybe enough time for a Saturday afternoon ride or a Sunday afternoon brick. I know not wise 2 weekends before the marathon, but I might not be doing it and I need to take advantage of warm weather while I can, afterall I will be racing in either March ( IM New Zealand) or April ( Collegiate Nationals ( school funded) and /or the Country Music Marathon.), and lets face it it's a good way to burn off the holiday fat.

Well that's all from me

Edit #1: 9/30/ 2008 Well I cleared it with my boss..I've got October 11th off so now the debate is will it be the half or the whole enchillada. On a similar note it has been two days since the back to backers and my Calves ( Gastrocs) still feel like stone. I'm going to try to stretch at lunch and see if I can get a 10k in after class tonight.

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Speed Racer said...

(said in spooky whisper) Booooooooooooooob, this is your deeeeeeeestiny talking. Run Haaaaaaaaaaartford. Ruuuuuuuuun it.

What was that? Did you hear something? Anyway, it looks like we're on pretty similar paths right now. Boo for running in the rain, boo for shitty runs, and boo for school responsibilities!