Friday, October 3, 2008

Gettin' reddy fo Hotfurd... ( or in English: Preparing for the Hartford Marathon.)

Alright ghettoeze aside... If you want more fun in the hood check out Cranky's post for the Chris Rock n' Roll Marathon apparently I was supposed to write a post for the Bronx busta cap half marathon..also known as the walk to 4 train on Fordham Rd. After I hate it when school and training get in the way of important stuff.

Angry sent us all the warning that while traversing the South End we should be heavily armed. I'm thinking a grenade laden fuel belt should do the trick, but my other resort is a tee shirt clearly marked "Wearer carries less than $30 at all times." I will let more sculpted runners think of going Rambo style ( shirtless, ammo belts...) through this section... Although Speedy and I will most likely ask Cranky for his opinion on which automatics are lighter to pack, offer less recoil, and will overall have less negative impact on our splits.

Alright all that ludicrousness aside the weather in early October is a crap shoot. Last Year it was a cold start in "Hot"ford and the following weekend temps soared into the high 80'sF at the imfamous Chicago what will the weather be next Saturday...anywhere from 40-90F..meaning light long sleeves and disposable gloves ( 99 cent stretchy gloves) at the most....well at least for me because I a fury beast.

Nutrition: Debating on bring Gu with me...but there will be no snacking on Clif bars this year... don't feel like running port-o-let to port-o-let like last year's Country Music Marathon. Maybe take a note from Sir Angry and go with oatmeal....

What to wear: Since the Angry one has imposed a ban on triathlon speak ( ie fines for any mention of athletes, races, anything combining running with anyother sport.) does this also apply to clothing? If it does I only own 3 tech tees that are not tri from the Nutmeg State Half Team Blazeman shirt..which is some what tri related but it's a charity...and the tight little New Balance tee I ran Nashville in. I'm thinking about wearing the Blazeman Tee because I marked I'm a charity runner...although the Nutmeg Tee will be in the tote just incase...because no one wants to see my hairy ass going shirtless....and I don't have that much cash to keep forking over $5, $10, $15 at a time to Angry, Cranky and Claire. Also hat? Visor? Sunglasses? Racebelt or pin it like a RUNNER!..these are confusing things when a potential Faux Pau could cost you green.

The i-pod playlist for my warm up: lot's of Disturbed and Ozzy....may be some Roll Call from little Jon....then again looking at the description of the South End...White boy from the burbs spitting gansta rap might not go over well.

There are alot of things I have to consider in the week leading up to this until then I'm going to do a few warm up runs and try to come up with a way to express how I will be spending the later part of the afternoon watching one little race that could cost me $10 at the mention of its name.

Trying to become a "real" athlete

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