Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Destiny maybe calling but my calves are screaming No!

Well my calves still feel like Fucking rocks. I know crazy shit like what I pulled on Sat and Sun leads to injury but still I figure I have the base to complete a marathon, the problem is at what speed. On my best day I know Cranky is going to have at least 15-20 min. on me and I'll have about 15-20 min on Speedy Claire...on my worst day...Cranky will be half way to Jersey and Claire...well she might be getting ready to throw down with cocky pink yoga pant wearing soccer mom in the Massage line as my crippled ass is getting my coveted foil blanket...and rushed to medical...and on an in between day..I'll still be somewhere between Cranky and Claire...walking...errr..limping on my own power.

So if I listen to my destiny...which kinda sounds like Claire whipsering in a little kid excited voice...I know weird huh...and sign up before online registation closes or do the infamous Cash and Dash on race day..I have to have a goal time in mind, I have to have a race stratgey, I have to keep my manly worth and PR streak alive..I have to set down a ri-goddamn-diculous time that neither Claire nor Angry will come close to matching in the land of the giant rodent...I need to throw down big...

I NEED TO GO SUB 3:40!!!!!!!

alright I'll be happy with a sub 3:50 run...I'll be estatic with a sub 3:45 ( which is easy since I don't have a century ride pre marathon.) 3:40 is a reachable goal anything below that is icing...if I qualify for Boston...I'm checking the Perri Sausages I've been eating for hormones and roids.....after I finish Boston of course.

Well that's it for me...



Claire said...

Oh man... OOOOOH man. Them sounds like fightin' words, boy! You prepared to back it up?! You had better be 15-20 minutes ahead of me in that marathon or you're never going to hear the end of it!

That is, IF I can run it. Having foot problems at the moment.


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Hmm. I make NO predictions about how I'll do, though I'd like to get close to 3:30 or even better. Otherwise my quads are killing me due to a hilly race last weekend.

This is the time when weird shit happens to legs, feet, etc., so just be careful out there. I'll try to remember that, too.

Looking forward to that post-race group pain meeting... Plus I get to run with Ironmen and Ironwomen!

rocketpants said...

Will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Hope the calves behave.