Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeah...that whole train like an animal thing...

Didn't happen. With papers and deadlines and research,my mind turned more to academia and getting that "blasted piece of paper." Although tonight proved to be fruitful in the pool as I got in some quality yards with my usual workout crew. I did about 3500 mostly focusing on IM with some build freestyle 50's. It was a pretty good night and part of it has me contemplating getting my ass back into masters and doing a few meets this season. Afterall when I last swam masters I had the fastest 1000yd. Freestyle time in my age group in the nation for almost 4 months. Granted that's not saying alot because all the fast kids are swimming NCAA. Tomorrow, a morning run, finish a midterm, glue my advisor to a chair and get my PIN to register,for hopefully my last undergrad semester. Talked to one of my professors about law school vs.Grad school. Told me point blank if I go to grad school to go to the best name I can get into/afford..fuck the masters degree and go straight for your PhD. Good advice,as I'm not really sure what to do with a history degree,and I've been more or less focused on just trying to finish undergrad that I didn't even begin to look graduate. In essence with all the layoffs in the financial sector I'm not sure if I'll be able to get/keep a job with all the crap going on. I already know that little kids and me get along like ammonia and Clorox. Also to teach in the private schools you earn crap pay, academia seems like it could be a good route, I get up lecture and BS, write and BS, discuss BS with my students, help them learn the art of BS and maybe if I master the art of BS get political and run for office. Alright now that this post has gone in a completely different direction that intended I'm going to hit the hay so I can face the day and hopefully get some productive workouts in before class tomorrow.

If life is a highway, I think I got on at rush hour.


IronMatron said...

The good thing about going straight for the doctorate is that usually it's then paid for AND you get a small stipend. Go for just the Masters and you pay a butt load. If you decide you don't want the doctorate you can always just get the Masters and then withdraw from the program. That stated, before you enter a doctoral program be sure that's what you want, b/c it's a super long haul, and sometimes it doesn't pay on the other end, if you know what I mean.
Were you a swimmer in high school?

Bob Almighty said...

Yes I was a Long Distance swimmer in High school and two years at Fordham University (granted at good ol' FU I was the slowest guy on the team.)I was that psycho kid who used to volunteer for the 1000free because it was the only thing I had a remote shot in as an individual, granted I really liked the 500 better.

About the Doctorate thing, it's too late for me to apply to anything this year, but I figure I'll look into it for 2010 take my GRE's and what not, figure with the economy going the way it is, academia might be a safer bet than the financial service industry, that and I mean get paid to stay college and set my own schedule could workout...but we'll see.