Saturday, November 15, 2008

I feel fat and lazy

Well today I ran nearly 10 miles and it was my first run in nearly a week. Part of me is at the point of why bother with training as my next race is most likely not until June. Yet I think it is my fear of getting fat that keeps me hitting the pool night after night.Part of me almost wants to swim masters again this winter, do a few meets and prove I've still "got it" after all these years. The other part of me is like "Rob, you're no longer a pool guy, you are an open water animal." Yet looking at what I'd need for Nationals I'm confident my mile and 1000 would make it. So I'm putting up a poll should I do masters or just train until May and the first Dualathon of the year.

All that aside it felt good to run again, it was nearly 65 today and from the sounds of the doom and gloom weathermen it might be the last time I'll be able to break out short sleeves for a while.My shoes are still drying from the affair and tomorrow I might tak the bike out for a couple of hours, but it definitely felt good to do something more than starring at the long black line for a while.
As for my cycling I think I'll be doing more spin classes this year than I did last year just to try to up my prowess, if Claire and running are having a fight, than cycling and I are staying together for the kids' sake. Also the fact that my younger siblings have started praying for snow means that driving and riding might become treacherous...when they turn 16 they will know the stress of driving in the winter and I will be there to say ha I told you so.Yeah so that's life,the semester winding down and my time at CCSU is growing ever shorter, then it'll be time to look for a real job or go to grad school. Part of me is not looking forward to life after college but the other part of me is looking forward to working like an animal so I can afford to pay off some bills and hopefully have money to do what I want to do down the line. So yeah that's all that's up in the life of Bob-o. Arizona entries are due in 2 weeks I hoping I'll have enough but I'm thinking the cash is better served going to bills,after all I can always enter through the community fund when I have more coin, or with a coaching plan. So that'll be another poll of how should I enter or if I should just blow off Ironman until my 30's. I've got a lot to think about and I have to see what's in my best interest.



Speed Racer said...

I don't think that Masters has any reason to really interfere with your training. Your triathlon training is already swim-heavy anyway. Go for it, have fun, rake up all the medals that you meant to rake up this summer.

As far as IMAZ, if you wait till you have "more coin", you will never have enough. Just don't go and do anything stupid like signing up for an ironman on each continent or anything.

And for heaven's sake, give your bike some lovin'!!!

Speed Racer said...

Clarification: What I meant to say was sign up for IMAZ. You may be stretching it now, but you will have recovered soon. It's always harder to save than it is to recover.

rocketpants said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but IMAZ entries are due a week from in a week from tomorrow, not two weeks away. IMAZ is next Sunday. But don't miss the deadline if you are planning on doing it.

Amy said...

"If Claire and running are having a fight, then me and cycling are staying together for the kid's sake" lol witty phrase