Sunday, November 9, 2008

I think she's a keeper.... and other ramblings.

" Rob I could never make you give up training, I know how important it is to's part of your soul."- the girl I'm currently dating/ seeing/ I don't know what people call it these days.

If that doesn't say keeper I don't know what else will...well maybe if she worked at a running store, her dad owned a bike shop, and her mom's a race director, her older sister was a massage thearpist.....well maybe in San Diego...

Nope I'm thinking my girl in Newport is a keeper although I'm sure I'll hear that girls in Newport are more trouble than the damned toll brigde.

This morning I managed to get in a 10 mile run after a late night date in Newport. I will say only one thing the portion of town I ran in had nothing close to a hill. Downtown, has a monster hill but I really didn't want to be running down tourist, and dodging BMW's and other finely crafted pieces of Euro-engineering, bent on my destruction. So I took off in the direction of Brenton Point State Park. Now seriously I picked the wrong sport to work on. Everybody and their brother was out on their bikes. I think next time I'm down in Newport I going to be rolling on the Stomper, becasue the bike culture is alive there. So this weekend was not a total waste training wise. Now I have a hardcore week of training and research ahead, hopefully I'll be in shape for next season although I've been getting scolded by one personal trainer/friend who says I should be working on my "non competitive" strokes and focusing solely on sprints next season...sort of a "go back to the minors" approach to triathlon. Work on winning the local tri for fun, then do like one big name race. Maybe that's the route I should go but I already know I'm more of a long distance guy,so what does 09 hold for me I don't know but I know there is going to be a least one iron,and one half.



Speed Racer said...

I learned this weekend that of the highest points in all 50 states, Rhode Island's is the lowest. It's even lower than the one in FL and the one in Kansas.

Anyway, I'm glad Bobby's finally getting some nookie. Just a bit of advice, it's usually better to wish that your girlfriend HERSELF was the massage therapist rather than the sister. I know, girls are weird ;)

Runner Leana said...

Haha! Laughing at Claire's comment! Seriously though, she does sound like a keeper. Not the kind that is going to scowl at you and shake her head as you get ready to pull out the check book to pay for your Kona entry.