Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Y' All!

Alright I know in today's politically correct climate I can't get away with saying Merry Christmas...but who was I to be politically correct.

If you celebrate Christmas:
MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( even though JC was actually born in spring, hey it would be a pretty short liturgical year to have Christmas and Easter back to back.)

If you celebrate Hanukkah:
HAPPY HANUKKAH ! and may the next 6 nights be just as crazy as the first 2!


The Solstice:
Well it's passed but I hope it was good.

Don't celebrate anything:
Well enjoy the day off, or overtime, or sitting at a desk being productive knowing your are the true wheel turning this economy back on track..and it will all pay off when us slackers get what's coming to us.

Ok so I think I covered everybody,

May God ( what ever variant you choose to believe or not believe in.) Bless you and yours and try not to eat too much, keep that crazy uncle away from the liquor cabinet, don't pull anyone's finger, and oh yes have a happy holiday.


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Speed Racer said...

Merry Christmas, Bobby!