Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you ma'am can I have another....

Well last night after I got home from work I set to digging my 2002 Subaru Outback from the confines of its snowy prison. I set to work with my shovel after two hours of labor I had a path to my driveway. I managed to get my car up with little or no issues...boo-yah old man winter.

After my two hour core workout, it was off to masters. Steph wrote a 4000 yard workout that turned out to be a 5000 yard workout so when I came up a little short at closing time I didn't feel so out of shape.

Here it is by the numbers

500 Swim on 7:30

400Kick on 9:00?

300Pull on 4:30

8X50 on :45 Holding :40 or under

2X100 Kick on 2:00 barely made them

4X75 on 1:10 held 55's

6x125 pull

8X25 on :30 made on :20 or lower

3x100 kick on 2:00

5X150 on 2:00 Barely making it...but making it I really wanted to push this set...and I did..now I just need to get back into shape.

8x25 on :30 last 4 on :25 to finish before closing.

Total yards: 4000.

So with the snow corework and the painful set above I was feeling pretty damn good. Today, X-mas shopping with the girls and then I'll head over to the Y for atleast an hour on the treadmill. It's supposed to warmup tomorrow so hopefully I'll be running out doors on Christmas.
Well that's it from me.


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IronMatron said...

excellent to make the 150s on 2 min. nice. i've been doing a ton of IM work lately. so fun. wish that you and claire lived close by so we could all swim together. i don't have a masters team here and I need people my speed. sigh
merry christmas!