Friday, December 26, 2008

Ah Christmas.....

Well Yesterday was Christmas and over the past 48 hours I've been in church 3 separate times for the grand total of about 4 maybe all that stuff I've been praying for will come to fruition...or maybe I'll just end up in the 2nd or 3rd layer of Hell instead of the ninth....
ok enough of Bobby being a semi-good Catholic boy.

After reading Claire's post, I was really beginning to dread Christmas dinner. For some odd reason Medieval Europeans did not have a heart healthy feast in mind. Dinner was the usual fare Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Broccoli with cheese and bread crumbs, Cranberry Sauce, diner rolls, the usually appetizers Spinach dip, cheese and crackers, a veggie platter. With the exception of the veggie platter I don't think any of this stuff is going to help my waist band. I won't get into dessert but when I left I knew I needed to exercise and fast.

My initial plan was going to be going for a run after dinner, but it got dark quick and dodging traffic and black ice, at night, after said drivers probably had a few brewskies, didn't seem like a wise idea. So I went home and got on the trainer.

After a 20 min warm up in the Big Ring rear 12 I did 10x 2min hard in the big ring 12 followed by 2 min easy little ring 15. On the hard # 5 and 10 I tried to stay out of the saddle as long as possible I managed to go the full two minutes on #5 and only a minute on #10 After my set I sat down and spun easy for 10 minutes, so I got a quality hour and 10 minutes on the bike. Tonight Possibly a run and masters. My running is starting to suffer so I need to get back on it. This weekend is looking like my best time to get my longer rides in so Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Afternoon, sure it's supposed to rain, but rain is better than ice and who knows maybe I'll luck out on Sunday and get 60 miles after Church or maybe I'll just go to Blessed Sacrament at 4PM on Saturday so I can ride longer on Sunday, We'll see. We're past the solstice so it should start staying lighter longer, so hopefully I'll be able to tack up some 70 plus mile rides in the coming weeks, weather permitting.

Well to everyone out there I hope your celebrations went well, you didn't drink too much 'nog, and the new releases in theatres didn't suck as bad as the crtics say they did.


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