Friday, December 12, 2008

Help a sister out.

Well upon looking at Speedy Claire's blog as she preps for the Boston Santa Speedo Run. Well the thing is the race is a charity run which has left her scrambling for funds at the last second. She only needs to raise $250 USD and right now she is at $184 USD. $5 bucks from 15 people gets her there, alright I know $5 bucks is a lot in today's economy, especially this close to Christmas but think of it this way it's two cups of coffee from the office coffee pot instead of Dunkin Donuts ( or other national or international coffee chain.), it's taking a sandwhich or cup of instant ramen in Monday instead of buying a pizza slice, to help needy kids out.

Edit: Claire made her goal!

For more info check out her blog and to donate click here