Saturday, December 13, 2008

This weekend: The training for NZ begins in earnest

On tap for Today:

Work till 12:30PM

10 mile run...if the roads co-operate, we had a massive rain storm 2 days ago and last night everything froze over, today is not supposed to get above 30F (-1C) so the roads are going to be icy and treacherous, but hopefully not.

Hawaii Ironman Highlight show.

Finish Papers.

2 hours on the trainer.

In the words of the Commodores: "A brickhouse."

Hopefully a 50-60 mile ride and a 7 mile run. Maybe some pre-church deadlifts.

This is all what I hope to do but we all know life throws curve balls. I look to take full advantage of my trainer over break, maybe some pre and post work spin sessions and hardcore focus on the bike. It's been my weakness for several years hopefully if I work hard enough I can make it a strength...because I really want a sub-6 Ironman bike split this year. the running I'm not worried except for last week 've been averaging 20-30 miles per week, and about 9000 yards in the pool per week. The swim is the least of my worries, although I'd like to be in the top 25 out of the water. To have a remote shot at Kona I need a faster bike split so that's what I'm going to drill this year. Hard Swim, Balls to the Wall bike ,and run until my legs fall off. While not as far as long as I was last year I did manage to build a lot of base over the summer. So winter break will be spent trying to get myself as fast as humanly possible, and this year I will be taking a tip from the Angry Runner and work the chain, with deadlifts, the arms with push ups and pullups and essentially get my scrawny ass it to bitch stomping shape...I guess the easy days are over because as of 8PM last night I'm officially in training.

Getting intouch with his inner Balboa.


Runner Leana said...

Hope your training weekend is going well. Congratulations on going for IM NZ. I'm looking forward to following your journey and I'll be rooting for you to get that Kona slot!

Speed Racer said...

Hope your weekend went well. I spent mine getting fat. Winter is good for that :).