Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I' m Entered!

Well I'm entered in to my 2009 Ironman, I'll give you 3 guesses but you only need one to figure out where I'm going.

* Blocks Ears waits for all the collective ARE YOU INSANE! shout to subside.
Alright I'll agree it's a nuts proposition, but then again isn't the ironman a nuts proposition. Afterall who in their right mind would pay money to swim, bike, run and suffer?
My justification is I can do it for the same price if not cheaper than an American Ironman ( exchange rate baby!). Ok yes Airfare is a bitch ( $1200 via Air New Zealand .com), but hotel for the week was only $400, ( Louisville was going to cost me at least that, granted airfare was non existent , my sisters wanted to road trip to it.) I decided not to book with Ken Glah this year, ( his service is good but I'm on a budget, if I make Kona ( he might be getting a call, although I'm going to see his price on air fare, you know just to see if it's lower and it might be wise to lock in.) So the hotel taken care of, the race taken care of, and the airfare soon to be resolved, that just leaves one thing: training.
Now I'm not as weak as I was on the bike last year, granted I still need to learn how to "let it fly" so I can save precious minutes on the longest leg of the race. Also with my paper writing palooza, I've lost some valuable road time. Winter break is around the corner so I'll have a month of hard core yardage and mileage ahead of me. My trainer is set up, I know the cheapest place in town for toe warmers, my running shoes should survive until spring, otherwise I'll be doing some shopping in NZ ( seriously my flats would have been $119 in the US I got them for $89 in Taupo.) Alright all that shit aside I've got papers to finish and a training plan to contemplate.
Off his rocker.


Ken Schulz said...

Good luck man! Have a blast!

Speed Racer said...

FINALLY! I can quit ragging on you about picking one already, and start ragging on you about which one you picked. My advice: don't practice the peeing on your outdoor rides this winter.