Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RIP: The Big Red Caboose: Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J.

Ok so the title seems a little disrespectful but let me explain Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J. was the chair of the religion department at Fordham University. Many moons ago when I was young reckless and attending Fordham, say 2004, I was a member of campus ministry I was helping out at Holy Thursday Mass. Now Fordham is run by the Jesuits a bunch of priests who live in community and take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, so at this shindig there were about 20 members of the Roman collar club present, and all of them were going to be processing in. Father McShane the president of the university was lining the group up and made a remark to the cardinal, " and you, sir will be our big red caboose." Now if the cardinal was the uptight pompous sort he would have taken great offense to such a comment but the fact he chuckled a little at the remark spoke of his character. He was smart he was pious and he had a sense of humor. I only had the pleasure of hearing him say mass twice in my turmoil filled years at Fordham, his wisdom was profound and if you saw him walking around campus with his cane and Irish touring cap you would have thought he was just another one of the Jesuits on staff. He is what the Catholic Church would have type cast for a priest, smart, full of wisdom and faithful, yet at the same time easily approachable and in good humor. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in Pieces sir.

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