Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training Plans put on ice....literally...

Well the forecasts for the next 2 weeks look like this...

Temps below average with a chance for wintry mix.

I should expect it it is New England and we always get that 2 week deep freeze before everything starts to go back to normal. Also last year I was spoiled, colder than average but drier, this year it looks like we have an "old fashoned" wet winter...which means snow and worse least I can run on snow but ice just plain sucks. I jokingly sent Catherine an email asking if she needed a roommate...I cook and do windows what more can a girl ask for? But seriously until the weather gets it's act together, I'll be spending time on my trainer getting reacquainted with my DVD collection...any one have any 36 hour Bollywood Epics they aren't watching?

All that aside the semester is ending which means I'll be back in the pool with my masters group, Stef already said she'd be happy to kick my ass into shape. So things are coming together, I'm contemplating putting a now vintage McCain "Drill baby Drill!" sticker on my top tube...not because I like McCain ( viva Obama! until he does something giving GM a $600 Billion bailout with out giving everyone in America a free car.... speaking of which I'm waiting for my dividend from AIG....if we're going to have to pay it then we should get something out of the deal...but alas I'm no econ guy.) but back to what I was talking about a "drill baby drill!" sticker to remind me to "drill" the bike this drill it leave it craving a cigarette and pillow talk afterward, only to leave it heartbroken as I leave on the marathon. I figure an hour on the trainer everyday..and the long rides or trainer session on the weekend, should get me into shape and rearing to go.

Well now that I've gotten my weather rant and training outline done, time to execute it.

Titan of the Tundra.

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Ken Schulz said...

Wuss! Training in da cold is simple. Just make sure you have the right gear and you are set. Also, you should join us on Saturday for the Ham run.