Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 For 1 :Go Speed Racer Go! and Trying to Race a Blizzard.

Well Claire Bad Ass MoFo just man handled the Walt Disney World Half Marathon pulling a time that would be good for me a 1:46.13 ( this actually beat my run split from Eagleman and RI 70.3) so her Goofy Race and a Half is off to a good start. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the Marathon Battle Royale between her Runner Gal and the Crankmiester Also it's a frigid for Florida 55F down in the land of the Gators and Citrus fruits which is stark and bitter contrast to Connecticut.

This morning as I went out to warm up my car it was a tropical 15F and there is the "mother of all snowstorms" on the way. That's right more snow and there is talk of bitter cold and yet another storm next weekend which makes me think I'm going to be pulling a Ken Glah by doing all my bike training indoors. Tonight they are predicting between 5 inches to a foot and a half of the white this point it's more annoying than anything...I'm starting to get sick of life in the tundra especially WHEN IT SNOWS OR ICES EVERY FREAKING WEEKEND AND THOSE ARE THE ONLY DAYS I CAN RIDE/ RUN OUTDOORS! ok I'm better now.

So today despite the high is going to be a "break out the shorts" 28F I'm going to look at the weather forecasts and see if I can get in 50-60 miles on the bike before this place turns into a skier's paradise...which the weather forecasters can't agree on when it's supposed to start..some are saying 5PM which would allow me to get my frozen ride in, others are saying 3PM which would allow me to get 20-30 miles, others are saying dead at noon...I figure I'll just shoot out to the lake ( since the roads still have a little frozen residue from our last ice storm and I don't feel like descending a steep hill at a high rate of speed only to see an icy patch waiting for me at a sharp turn.) and do loops until it gets dark, I get too cold, or starts snowing and follow it from there, not the most organized training program on earth but in my climate it works.

Last night I managed to do my annual hour swim as my Ironman Test 4650 yds. (2.64 miles) in 60 min. That's holding roughly 1:25/ 100 meters so my estimated Ironman Swim split if it were to happen last night is a 54:42..granted add in the adrenaline factor, the wetsuit, drafting, the current at Lake Taupo and I stand to do about a 52 min swim..granted I still have 2 months of training ahead.

My Achilles I've decided I'll start running again Tuesday to set up my in school running schedule ( Tuesday Afternoon, Thursday morning or night, Saturday long brick.) and also to give it a little more recoup time I don't want to be remembered as the guy who's tendon exploded at mile 5 of the marathon, or pull a Sam McGlone and sit out with injury. I still have good base and I figure I'll only taper two weeks going into the Ironman, it seems logical since I only give myself a week taper for my halves.

Well that's all for me I have to go gather supplies, and try to get somesort of training in today and hopefully it won't be 4-6 hours on the trainer again....I've already watched almost every dvd in my collection and seriously it gets annoying riding to no where.

Edit: It started snowing at a good clip when I arrived home to get my bike, looks like it's a date with the trainer and DVD win again old man winter!

Looking into job opportunities and Condos in New Zealand, Australia, San Diego, Miami, Orlando,Barbados.....


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