Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok I put up the Abbreviation....after reading Judi's blog...in which her part of Ohio was 50F ( 10C) and experience liquid..I stress LIQUID rain. I have been consumed by jelaousy. I need to ride out doors but the weather hasn't been really conducive to it, and with my next semester rapidly apporaching I need to get some miles in my legs, before I'm back to the post class pool sessions and early morining trainer work and whatever lifting I can get in.
Sunday is supposed to be in the 20's F absolutely freezing but it's looking like the only day on the weekend that we won't be dealing with or cleaning up frozen percipatation. Part of me is leary of riding in weather under 30F but at this point I need a long outdoor ride and realistically once classes begin I'm going to need to devote some time to my thesis.. so I need to ride this weekend and next weekend if the weather will allow. Tonight I plan on running after work trying to beat the FREEZING rain they are predicting , seriously I'm hoping ths storm trak flows a little more to the north so we end up with the liquid crap. My run is nothing much my normal 10 mile loop followed by some trainer love...like 3-4 hours of trainer love... tomorrow if the roads are good I'm not due into the office until 11 so I might get a morning run in if not the trainer will be getting yet more love....I'm serioulsy thinking of getting a netflix account so I can rent some TDF dvds..because Troy's Aero Base Builder is well ..too easy. So regardless it looks like my weekends are going to be consumed by the 3 R's Riding, Running, and Researching ... HTFU of Harden The F**K Up is my mantra this week even if it's cold as long as the roads are good I need to crank out the mileage.

On the cash flow front I've got an interview for my first coaching gig. Two weeks of working in an intermediate and beginner tri camp in the Lake Placid region of New York I figure some time of getting back to basics and hanging with some fellow tri geeks, or soon to be tri geeks will help, not to mention if I do well here I can justify going for my USAT coaching Cert, and the cash will definitely help me in my escape from debtopia or in my 2010 tri endevaors, only thing is I have to do is renew my lifeguard cert...who knows will this be a stepping stone to a long Tri Coaching career...will my name be thrown around with the likes of Lance Watson, Troy Jacobson and Mark Allen...idk but if I can make a little for the race fund it would help.

My Ironman Scouting report will be posted soon...hopefully my age group won't have the pathenon or speed demons it had last year, or at least I'll be better able to compete. My swim is solid as Stef has been kicking my ass, tomorrow Alex will put me through weights. My bike is progressing granted I haven't gotten as many outdoor miles as I would like so I'm really hoping for a clear weekend this week so I can ride Saturday and Sunday. My run well tonight I'll see if 4 days rest was enough to get my achilles back in gear. I spun last night at the Y for about 45 minutes on their expresso road race simulator...let's just say this nothing replaces the open road. I've also been doing trigger point soft tissue work as well as pull ups and squats...if I start picking fights that I can deadlift more than you, start making dirty looks at people using the leg press machine instead of "manning up" on the Squat rack you will know that I have drunken the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

Well that' it from here

Doing the warm weather dance.

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