Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: :Put up and shut up.

Well after reading through alot of posts from last year, I have spent way too much time worrying about whether or not I'll be in shape for this shindig, instead of just doing the work to get myself in shape. Well that ends now. I've got 5 weeks to do the work. Running I'll worry about that when I heal, I'll be ready to go I've got strong base. The swim....hahahaha my age group will not know what hit them, hahahahaha! The bike this is my golden opportunity so stop dilly dallying and bitching on how you hate the trainer and either ride it or bundle up and ride outside. Grow a pair, HTFU, stop bitching and start training like you mean it. Rehab your leg so you'll be ready to go and keep following the Angry Regiment so you will get harder, faster, stronger. You start running again next week you've got running partners at CCSU to help you. Cycling Claire's getting ready to ride again, Bjoern's back no excuse not to find someone to ride with or spin with. Swimming well the pool is open late, screw the guards and not wanting to be "that guy" that stays in until 11:00PM if anything they'll get paid more for it. So instead of lamenting about being undertrained try to get what you healthily and realistically can done. Can't get a 100 mile out door ride in then opt for a 5 hour trainer session, can't run, bike and swim...do the work get it done and go kick some ass. (insert Howard Dean Yell here!)

Going to be eating nails and crapping thunder.

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