Monday, January 26, 2009

Game on.

Well today I start what should be my final undergraduate semester at CCSU...Game on Academia!
This weekend my plans for a lot of riding were killed by somewhat cool weather. Sunday I did manage an indoor swim/bike brick, granted I did nowhere near the mileage I wanted to on the esspresso bike. I think I got about 30 miles in on the bike after a 2000 yard straight swim. This weekend it's going to be in the mid to high 30's so that will make riding a little more least until I hit that 20mph head wind at the lake...well I'll be one step ahead in Taupo where the wind is equally as strong. Also only 10 more days until I can throw on the running shoes again...I can't freaking wait....granted I have to build the mileage a little more cautiously than I'd like unless I want to be remembered for an infamous crawl to the finish line and a wrecked season.

This morning I went for a 3000 yard swim, not too bad of a day. This afternoon class until 9:30PM Tonight after class more stretching and Trigger point goodness, and tomorrow a morning spin, work ,class meet up with Angry for some rehab work and then maybe some more swimming or spinning. Saturday/ Sunday as long as the forecast holds I'll be riding outside... as I have been dubbed by some of the runners in the greater Washington Area..that nut out on his bike...ahh to know what most people think of the state of my mental capacities is interesting.
So as of right now the Ironman is mileage on the bike has been disappointing but it was disappointing at his stage of the game last year as well....I'm a little not so much worried but concerned about my run, granted I feel what triggered my injury was a combo of factors:

Weaknesses in the legs and hips, not doing my usual animalistic runs during the school year, going too hard too often on the treadmill, a hex placed on me by some Maori Medicine man ( stay tuned I've got a comic post about that theory including a youtube clip.), carrying my life stress in my lower body....afterall I've trained like an animal on natural or at least quasi-natural surfaces ( ie asphalt.) and not really had any major issues, maybe this is the last of the 2008 crap purging itself from my system...and a good result "Down Under" will springboard me into a more positive 2009.

Well that's it from me I've got to go negotiate my brother as collateral at the bookstore.

Bring on that thesis!

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