Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bob-o Runs again!

Well after 4 days of hitting snooze, I finally got up and went for a pre work run. I initially wanted to go at 6:00AM but it was still fairly dark so I snoozed until 6:30 and then left on my 8 miler odyssey. This was the first time in nearly a month I ran my normal hilly route. I tried to pay heed to the advice of don't do any hills in your first week back but where I live that's an impossibility. The leg held up pretty well, still a little scar tissue in the ankle that I just can't make go away, but there was no pain. My legs are tighter than normal, probably because I'm coming off a nearly month long hiatus... I still managed to do the run in 1:18 not as fast as I'd like but it's still pretty good. I found that looking ahead instead of down, my stride improves also it helps to keep me focused on other things, instead of constantly looking at my feet to see how each one is hitting the ground. I tend to prefer about morning runs instead of evening runs is you tend to run into the sunrise, instead of the darkness. At about the five mile mark I pass a small farm at the top of a hill the way the sun hit it made feel bad I didn't have a camera because it was a stereotypical New England scene, absolutely gorgeous. As I started making my way back home the wind kicked up a little bit, but to horribly. So it was a good workout. Tonight I'll ice and trigger point after work, just to maintain my leg , that and I didn't have a lot of time to do anything be stretch before work this morning. So hopefully these "comeback runs" will continue to progress and I'll be able to throw together a half way decent marathon.



Judi said...

glad to see you running again bob.

Charisa said...

YAH!! That is awesome. Oh I LOVE the CT scenery too - thanks for describing it even though you didn't have a camera. Keep on healing :)