Monday, February 16, 2009

How I spent my weekend:

Well my long weekend was well...long.

Saturday I got in a 9mile run grnated I twisted my ankle during it not once but twice...the second time I stopped to make sure I didn't tear anything...I didn't but stretched extra to make sure. My Friend Nicole had a gig at this Resturant in Litchfield so I helped out by recording a few songs, unfortunately they won't load on you tube so I tried to upload one here, but just like you tube it won't up load ARGGGG! at least I have some check out her work click here

The second annual Freeze Your Beans Ride ended up like the first a 40 miler. Bjoern and I went to the Lake and ended up meeting up with Roadie Greg, we went one loop around the lake then "escaped the wind tunnel" and rode up into Warren. We did a portion of the original Nutmegman Half Iron, before dropping Greg at his home by the lake then Bjoern and I proceeded to do a couple loops before packing it in at 41 miles. Average speed 16.5 miles per hour after a 1 mile continual climb. Next week depending on weather a century ...hopefully there will be no snow more ... we've gotten enough for one winter thank you very much.

Monday I helped Bjoern move back in to his apartment before heading to the Y for masters. I managed to get some squats, hyperextensions and corework in before Stef ran me through 4900 yds. I know my swim leg is going to be blazing this year. The bike hopefully better than last year and the run maybe about the same, I always tend to run good on a little rest. Well that's it from me I've got an early morning run on tap.

He's here he' there he's everywhere.

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Judi said...

i cant believe imnz is coming up in 9 days and you aren't freaking out.

p.s. good pix.