Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pushed! and the 2nd well ok we're in 09 so I guess third Annual Freeze Your Beans Ride

Well after finding out one of the girls in my history thesis course speaks fluent tri geek, we decided to meet up at the CCSU pool for a swim workout last night.

After deciding to split the lane, and getting the whole" you'll probably lap me spiel" we started on a 500 warm up. Now from what she was telling me pre workout I was expecting her to be 5-10 yards behind...she's a former competitive swimmer so I wasn't expecting to lap her. That entire 500 we were lead swaping. It was going to be a tough night. Now normally my training partner was doing between 2500 and 3500 yards, with my Ironman training I've been pushing 3500-4500 yards, so after we got through the warm up (500 Free on 7:30- 300 kick, 500Pull on 7:30, 5x100 Drill/swim on 1:35, 200 kick) we decided on a main set of 4x500's on 7:00. The first one was pretty fast I did it in 6:45:11 and she was right on my heels coming in at about 6:46-6:47. The second I held a 6:45:71 and she was in a little further behind about a 6:48, 6:50 she decided to warm down and I went on with number 3 pulling a 6:45:61. I flaked after this as Bjoern needed help moving in to his new place so 3500 yards wasn't a bad night.

Come one come all to the Second , well technically Third Annual Freeze Your Beans Ride!

Bjoern, my classmate, and I will be riding at Waramaug this weekend. She's itching to try out her (ugh) Cervelo P2C, Bjoern wants to get on the road and I'm getting tired of rolling solo for hours on end. We'll be leaving from the town beach at about noon....don't know how long we'll roll for but if anyone else is interested in showing up for a few loops the more the merrier. Coffee at DD or Marty's to follow depending on time.

When: Feb 15, 2009 12PM

Where: Lake Waramaug, New Preston, CT leaving the town beach accross from Doc's resturant.

What to bring: Cool weather cycling gear, nutrtional products, essential repair gear, NO SAG vehicle provided, positive attitude and desire to ride for a long time.

Warning Disclaimer ahead!!!!
Disclaimer: This is a loosely organized training ride. It is RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Hence if you do something crazy, like ride with no handle bars, try to use a unicycle, play chicken with motorists, or the planets align in the wrong formation and you crash I am not responsible/ liable for any damages/ destruction to person and/or equipment. By showing up you assume the philosophy of Shit happens and will not sue me for anything that goes I really don't have all that much you can sue me for..I mean if you want my ancient laptop make me an offer.

OK Disclaimer Done! In today's sue happy enviroment I have to cover my bases.

Alright that about covers it. Tonight after class I have another pool workout on tap with some lifting. Tomorrow an early morning swim session or Trainer session and an evening run. Friday Masters. Saturday I'll pobably cram in a brick most likely in Middlebury or Wolcott, figure a 30-40 mile ride and a 6-9 mile run depending on road conditions and the ankle. Sunday the above "Freeze your beans off".

That's all from my neck of the woods. Now I've ot to go figure out this online free version of Turbo I can get my refund.



Judi said...

your swim times are awesome.

LG said...

it's so great to discover people who speak tri geek!