Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching up.

Well today I didn't train. I didn't get on the bike, I didn't cram out another run, didn't panic and run down to the pool for laps. Instead I caught up on some more important things in life.

First I went to Mass for the first time in 3 weeks.

This picture is a little dated they re-did the altar at my Church last Summer and now the wall behind it is pink with a really cool design.

The last couple of weekends I had to hit the road early to get my long rides in. So this weekend I sort of went back to church to try to commune with God so my bases are covered...just in case my plane plunges into the Pacific, I'm in a lot of pain during the Ironman and suddenly find my self in a green field with an old guy at a desk next to a wooden gate. Also contary to popular belief the Holy water did not boil when I stuck my hand in it, or burn my forehead.

After mass I chilled with my brother

This picture is also dated my brother is into skateboarding and has started lifting weights in the past year. Also I lost my old digital camera this summer so I couldn't up load new pics.

Mike has been in older bro withdrawl mode since I moved out so we went to breakfast. It was good catching up with him but at the same time it's almost like looking in the mirror. Mike and I are a decade apart so there is a bit of an age gap, but the personality and especially our senses of humor are very similar. Granted he's in better shape than I was at 14. After breakfast it was a retreat into an ultimate test of will :Halo on the Xbox...Age and cunning overcame youth and skill. Also we cranked out a few rounds of Fifa world cup...I have found out one thing...he's good in penalty kicks. After two 3-0 trouncings at the hands of New Zealand and Pakistan Mike got revenge in a penalty shootout in a New Zealand/ Canada match. I lost by a lucky block. I managed to get revenge for the Kiwis soundly defeating him in a rematch 3-0 granted I scored all my goals in the second half, and two of them were pure luck.

Third thing I did was study for an exam I had to push forward due to my Ironman escapade. I also have to get some homework done in advance because quite frankly I don't know how much I'm really going to accomplish on the plane. so everything is getting in order, but for a little while it was nice to have a day outside of the cycle of work, school and training.



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Charisa said...

Sounds like a really great weekend of keeping grounded and doing some fun things. Triathlon can be so consuming, it's good to be able to step away from it and remember what's really important in your life.