Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Half way point.

As I sit here writing this I'm at LAX I'm surrounded by a lot of business travelers, cell phone talking teeny boppers and screaming they'll let anyone into the Admiral's Club scruffy looking triathletes from the East Coast that fly economy...seriously what is the world coming to.

Well my travels to JFK and Beyond were uneventful except I left the key to the bike box in my car. Luckily it's a simple lock and a regular screw driver will do the trick...or TSA will have added another scar to this well traveled case ( note: starting an active giving site for the buy Bjoern and Bob a new bike case fund.) Oh there was no extra charge for the case...two years in a row I am the Ben Gordon of baggage check! ( I would have mentioned Thabeet but he is nowhere near the prowess of Ben Gordon in his UConn hayday...ok random mentioning of UConn Basketball in a travel post done.)

Flight wasn't too bad granted I think I might have started spitting Lil' John's "Role Call" in my sleep. Also there was this 2 year old on the flight who was screaming every 5 minutes. Thankfully I had the i-pod on high.

It is a beautiful day 80F (26C) in LA and if it wouldn't be a comedy of errors getting through airport security or just general fear of having my carry-ons stolen I would be tempted to get out and run...instead I'll just sit here and take advantage of the complimentary internet and beverage service.

My flight leaves in 4 hours so my next post will be from the Land of the Hobbitts, and as Pants once stated " Nothing native can kill you." Now I've got to recharge everything and prep for 12 hours over the Pacific.

The Riff-raff that somehow sneaks into fine establishments.


Angry Runner said...

You did NOT start audibly rapping 'real n*gga roll call' on the plane...not you...hahahahahahahhahaa. Go get some NZ tail.

iron-boyer said...

Say hi to Frodo from me...
Good Luck!