Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update: My leg survived 18 miles bring on that marathon!

Well today I decided to take advantage of good weather and decide to put a little "insurance policy" in my legs. Stupid, too type A what ever I needed to know how my freshly healed Achilles would handle 15+ miles. I needed to know if I could run that marathon in Taupo or resign myself to walking with a glow stick. So I decided to loop it from home. the first sign of any discomfort on the 2nd loop and I could bail. Loop 1 went well. The pace was easy kept hydrated, and listend to the body. The hips were a little tight and all the pressure seemed to be in the front of my legs instead of the back. The second loop was slower and I decided to bail on to an easier loop( my legs were feeling tight and let's face it 18 miles two weeks out was risky enough.) I managed to complete the run in 2:41.29 or at roughly 8:51 mile pace, roughly the same pace as my marathon from last year. I stretched and iced, and took precautionary anti inflamatories. The ankle is feeling pretty good although after the Ironman I'm not running for a month, figure that will give it plenty of rest to before I tackle the summer season. I'll spend time in the weight room and on the bike post Ironman, getting myself into better shape. But that's for another time.
Right now I've gotten that pesky long run out of the way and now I can taper with piece of mind.

Feeling good.

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