Monday, March 2, 2009

Bob-o's Back....

Well Hello New Zealand, it's been a little over a year since I graced your soil and I am back... jet lagged, hoped up on enough caffeine but I'm back nonetheless....

Alright posting on 4 hours sleep is not a good thing but I figure if I can get myself to crash it'll be ok.
Landed this morning at Auckland took a rather amuzing bus ride with Frank ( head of Ironman NZ's transport service.) and Hayden caught up with Ken and a few of the other athletes then got to check out my digs. They're nice and the hotel owner's kinda cool but there's no AC...and it's 80F over here. For all of my New England readers who are getting buried in a foot of deepest apologies...granted I'm secretly hoping it all melts by the time I get there. But for right now I'm enjoying sometime in the warmth. I managed to get the bike case open with the help of some paper clips granted the handle was once again shattered by TSA... regardless. I met up with a few of the remaing staffers I know at the Times, funny I sort of new the way to that office like it was the back of my hand. The Stomper has been reassembled and has been inspected so it's set for race day. All that's on tap for now is dinner and a quick grocery run and then sleep.

Chillin' in the Southern Hemisphere.