Saturday, February 7, 2009

Liberation! Ironman New Zealnd Update: Race numer in.

Today I rode 40 miles and for the first time in 3 weeks let my running shoes hit the pavement for a good 6 miles. The ride went pretty well although I averaged .2 mph slower than my 70 miler last week. Maybe it's because I didn't fuel properly but I couldn't feel it. Regardless the ride portion went well.

The run, well once I got over all the crap about " when you tendon snaps it's going to feel like someone hit you in the back of the leg and then unbearable pain!" I stretched out and start jogging. I took my run out very conservative as I ran the route of the original Nutmeg State Half Iron Run leg. I had to be going 9-10 min. mile pace keenly aware of any sort of pressure on my left leg. For awhile I looked down at my right leg, it seem to be just going along for the ride while my left leg was taking all the abuse...regardless I'll worry about that as my strength returns. As I shuffled along into the darkness, part of me thought about how much I had taken running for granted. It was something I could always just sort of do...well ok I'm not Prefontaine, or Rodgers Rop but I do alright..and except for this little bump and a case of Wrong F**king shoes in High School I've pretty much been injury free. I finished my little 6-7 miler in about 58 minutes, slow but no pain, or increased inflamation in my leg was a good sign. Tonight ice, stretch somemore, anti-inflamatories, and triggerpoint...then try again on Monday night another 6-7 miler at CCSU. It felt good to run again and hopefully it will stay that way.


Also on a sort of related note my race number for the Ironman is in I'll be sporting number 122. Part of me is kinda glad for this it seems whenever I wear number 22 or 23 I always have a good race.

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Speed Racer said...

Thank goodness you're taking things conservatively. Glad to hear your run didn't end in a trip to the hospital. Patience is a virtue...