Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Day in the saddle

Well today it was actually warm 40F (4C) so I skipped church and went up to Lake Waramaug and got some much needed time out side on the Stomper. Let's face it bikes are not meant to be kept indoors and hooked up on trainers they are meant to be taken out and ridden and ridden hard..and that's what happend today. My ride went on without much drama, although it didn't seem like it was off to a good start...about 2 miles in while slowing up to let a car pass my back wheel hit an icy patch and started into the death I kept the bike up right I have no clue but I did, I didn't crash and kept going...for 69 more miles. 71 miles ( 113.6 km) in 4 hours at the average speed of 17.7 miles per hour ( 28.32 kmh). The ride was better than I hoped for especially with all that's happended in the last month injury wise, speaking of that it's almost healed...and the stretching, and moderate exercise routine has helpped it. ( ok so I was doing most of the exercises at body weight since I haven't been able to get to the weight room..but even just the motions have helpped.) Also I managed to get a good deal on a value pack of Sharkies and gallon bottle of gatorade so I'll have fuel for the next week. But regardless, if nothing else I know my leg will survive the swim and bike portion so all I have to do is ease back into running and I should be good to go. This week they're talking snow on Tuesday...and a lot of it...but next weekend looks to be about as warm as it was today so if I can get a few more good days on the road I'm confident that I'll set a PR on my bike leg. Getting this ride in really helpped boost my morale because for a while it looked as if I might not be able to get the bike training I wanted for this race in.

Feeling Stoked.


Charisa said...

BALMY ride that was!!! Awesome and so so glad you did not go down on the ice! You will be fine for you IM!!

Speed Racer said...

I was so angry I didn't get to get out in the warm weather! I nearly ran out of my office at lunch time when I saw how warm it was. I'm glad that SOMEONE got to enjoy it!

P.S. There's only on P in helped. Just so you know. Spellcheck, this is Bobby. Bobby, this is spellcheck. ;)