Friday, March 27, 2009

Feel the PAIN!

Well tonight I swam myself through an intense 4100 yds.
The warm up wasn't too bad
500 Free on 7:30
500 Kick on 10:00
500 Pull on 7:30
5x100 Drill Swim on 1:35
The next set was a little tougher but still cake
5X100 IM on 1:45
5X100 Pull on 1:30
Then came the main set
It was orginally supposed to be 5x 100 on 1:20
but it became make it until you fail or 10 what ever came first. I made the full 10 and managed to hold 1:15 on all of them...and felt rather vindicated at the end of the torture session...I mean set.
After a quick 100 warm down I shot the shit with Stef for a bit then headed home. If I can keep up yardage like this I'm confident I'll be a little closer to the front of the swim this year...and as soon as classes end the bike will be getting more love... I want to be an animal going into Providence.

Well that's it for me. Got to get some research done and get some shut eye.

Smoke on the Water

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Judi said...

500 kick? are you using fins? was this dolphin kics, free kick, or what? holy hell. your times kill me.