Monday, March 23, 2009

Damn Girl!

Well yesterday my training partner Josie and myself decided to meet for a ride out in Middlebury. We opted to do the Griskus Sprint Triathlon loop. To anyone who has never done this race let me explain it. The loop is 10 miles long Miles 1-3 are mostly down hill with a pesky little "s" curve through a blind intersection, mile 4 has a short, steep pain in the ass climb Hint for anyone doing Rev 3 this is part of the run course :) Miles 5-9 are rolling with the infamous smiley face and "last hill" marking at the beginning of a half mile (800 meter) assent and mile 10 finds you back on the main road descending.
So yesterday I met up with Josie at my usual parking spot on the rail trail and we were off. This was her first time doing a hilly course on her new Cervelo P2C....everyone here knows my relationship with Cervelo...granted I'm almost tempted to go to the dark side...

The ride began pretty well but there was a wicked Cross wind/ head wind on the opening descent, and it really killed the speed. To put it in perspective areas on Route 64 where I'm normally booking at 25mph (40kph) I was going about 15 -20 (20-30km) . Josie held up surprisingly well on the climbs, as evidenced by her "I love this bike!" comments. I would cook on several of the descents and open up a gap and she would close it on the hills...except for that long gradual one at the end....that hill is mine! We did 3 loops and for some odd reason my second one is always my fastest, maybe it's because I have my gearing down and I'm still fresh, maybe it's because my legs are properly warmed up, I don't know but the second loop I was feeling fresh, the third was about average I felt if it had been a little warmer ( and I had brought my Bento Box ) I could have gone a little further. All said and done we ended up doing 31 miles (just about 50k) in 1:54..averaging just over 16mph(25.6kph).

I figure I'll be doing this loop a lot to work my legs for climbing speed....that and I want to medal in my age group again....seriously I want to see if I can better my performance at this Sprint from last year although I don't want to fry my legs before Providence...hard because they're both in the same week although Patriot is in June so it won't be the Half Saturday- Sprint Wednesday- Half Sunday routine like last year.
Josie seems to be well on pace for a smoking bike split if she can ride like she did yesterday she has a shot at medaling in her age group in most of the sprints she's entered and if she keeps working the hills she'll be a weapon of mass destruction at Redman.

Well that's it for me today is swimming and lifiting and an 8 miler..followed by research...yay!

Wants a Polka Dot Jersey and a 300 Euro Bonus.