Friday, April 17, 2009

The running man returneth....

Well Yesterday I couldn't enjoy the beautiful running weather we had...I was supposed to attend a women's empowerment meeting ( a law class project I have to go a sit in a place where I'm an "outsider".) but I couldn't find the group meeting place I left a message with the head honcho wait she's female so does that mean she' a head honcha? does that mean that this isn't a woman's empowerment group but a womyn's empowerment group. and got no response so there was half an hour I could have been running gone.. then I had a psychology class project ( ie we have to be research participants for grad student projects or write papers...I'm thinking the 10 minutes to fill out a questionnaire trumps having to sit and do research and type.) needless to say the grad student ran a little late so I went to class in my running shorts and I still hadn't run. Prof. let us out early. I was initially going to do campus loops then hit the pool but decided just to run instead and New Britain wasn't looking appealing without a training partner.So I drove back to Wolcott and went to the High School track and did 4 miles. The speed wasn't what I'd like I was averaging just under 8 min. miles, but my training hasn't really been what I'd like. So Last night has kicked off a mini run focus for me. Today 8 miles... and the pool. Saturday Ride then out to Newport and while I'm in RI dinner and a movie with a friend who just happens to be a girl... and I just so happen to be her date to her comencement ball. I figure a nice flat 8-10 miler on Sunday before hauling back to the C to the O to the double N.

Next pay check I need to haul out to Road and Track and pick up some new New Balance trainers for the 09 season, as my 768's are approaching the end of their service life...they have had a good run.. no pun intended...but they're at the end of their road and to continue to put prolonged mileage on them would result in injury. So that is the next major purchase on the equipment horizon. I wish I had some new and exciting stories but right now it's just the same drivel...that will change in about a month.

Enjoy the weather people it's finally spring! ( deepest apologies to my Southern Hemisphere readers where it's autumn.)