Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ides of April.....

Well it has hit. For some of us today is D-day for our annual show down with the IRS. For me it is a day of multiple things becoming unlocked. Entries are open for Ironman New Zealand and they are just about as cheap as last year... Lottery results are announced and I find out if I'm going to Kona via a Golden ticket or if I have to work my way in. I bought my 2009 edition HEAT once again by finely tuned ass will be decked out Black, White, and Red livery of Connecticut's hottest tri club. Today not much on tap try to get more work done on my thesis. Also since it's supposed to be beautiful try to get a pre class run in. It's days like this I'm left longing for what's coming this summer....Racing....It's what I live for.


Edit: Upon checking the lottery results I didn't get in. Looks like I'd better keep training...worst case I'll have more cash tucked aside for IMNZ 2010 edition.

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