Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry if I've been away....

Sorry for not blogging much this weekend nothing really happened on the training front and Saturday and Sunday I spent in a cloud of smoke ie doing the altar boy ( one of the kids didn't show up to mass so I got to play with fire and incense Saturday night....and to answer the burning question I did not set my church on fire.)- Eucharistic minister thing for Easter. I could go on a reflective tangent about suffering, pain and redemption, the amazing JC workout plan but I think I covered the full spread last year to read those posts click here and here. My blog is going to be pretty dead over the next couple of weeks as I finish my thesis and other papers so if I go two weeks with out a post ( highly unlikely but still it could happen) I'm not dead although I'll probably be wishing I was as I get the last 40+ pages of my undergraduate college writing career in....and Colombia's coffee futures start growing at an exponential rate. ( note to self Caffeine detox after this semester.)

Yesterday I managed to gather all the sources for one of my papers and it's going to be a good one...religion, politics, genocide...
The thesis well it's dragging out but I'll Get R Done.

Thats it for me.

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