Thursday, May 28, 2009

Outta shape..

Last night I hit the pool at the Southington YMCA.
Other than splitting a lane with an elderly woman doing breatstroke it wasn't too bad....other than I'm out of shape. My main set was 3x500 on 7 min. and I was touch and go on them.
That's what I get for only one pool session a week for the last two weeks. So tonight more flogging in the pool. Also I'm at a debate on equipment, I need new running shoes and a new bathing suit. The running shoes still have some tread but they are slightly above the 5oo mile mark.
The bathing suit well, lets just say my jammer is turning into see-through leg tights. Both are at the breaking point and I really don't want to have to throw down on both at the same time. Especially since I need to renew my Y memebership. $44 a month part of me misses the undergrad discount.

This weekend I start riding again...I'll blow the dust off the old Stomper and get some much needed road time in. Patriot is rapidly approaching and I want to haul ass at stupid rate of speed...especially on the run. Last year I died a most horrible death at about mile 30 on the bike this year I still plan on throttling the bike granted I want to do it on the second loop...not the first like last year... it's just so hard when you're in the top 5 overall for most of the day..also I would like to do a sub 1:40 half can you guess where my focus is going to be for the next month. I ran a 8 miler on Monday in about 1:13 so hopefully I can match that split again today. Before I hit the pool.

Well time to get in touch with my inner Rocky



MaineSport said...

Good luck with all of that. You;re getting a good start on all of the work ahead of you.

Charisa said...

Good luck good luck! :)